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A NASM certified nutrition coach and L1 CrossFit trainer, holds a Master’s degree in Counseling.  She did sports through high school and then found CrossFit in 2015 and has been doing it ever since. Through that time she learned how important nutrition was to performance in the gym and in everyday life. As she worked in a fitness facility while earning her degree in counseling, she learned just how tied together the two realms of fitness can be and how important it can be to have a coach in your corner helping you along your fitness and nutrition journey.  

Since they purchased the gym in 2019, Becky quickly realized that nutrition would be a key component to member’s success and created the Fueling for Fitness Program.  The aim of this program is to work with members to learn more about nutrition, create plans that work for them, and incorporate healthy habits that support their fitness goals.  The emphasis is on performance and how the member is feeling so they can feel good tackling the lives they want to live!  

Becky works with SouthWind members, as well as outside individuals.  To set up a consult you can email us at


A Registered Dietitian, holds bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition along with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition, with a strong background in collegiate sports nutrition. She is a former Division 1 rower and previously worked the last 7 years at Kansas State University where she oversaw the nutrition needs for all sports at K-State’s athlete performance table and served as the team sports Dietitian for baseball, rowing, and volleyball. At performance table she was in charge of helping to plan menus that met the performance needs of athletes from a rowing coxswain to a football lineman. As the team sports Dietitian she did team educations, individual education, body composition testing, cooking classes and grocery store tours to help student-athletes perform, recover, and prepare for the next steps after college.

Since moving to Western, Kansas Kylie has started K2 Performance Nutrition, LLC to help athlete’s properly fuel to meet their performance goals. She can work with you to ensure you’re eating consistently and incorporating a good variety of nutrients to meet your needs based on your workouts. From individual meal plans to making slight adjustments in your current intake, Kylie can help you become the best athlete possible. Performance nutrition is not a one size fits all approach, so Kylie will get to know you and determine what is best for you!

Kylie can provide services to individual athletes as well as teams and groups. To inquire about all services offered, please call or text (620) 285-5071 or email: