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Anthony Fox

M.S., CSCS, CF-L3 | Co-Owner/Director of Programming/Head Coach |
Coach Anthony currently holds a Master’s of Science in Movement and Sport Studies and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When he's not coaching, he can usually be found "geeking out" on anything strength & conditioning and fitness. His most recent topic of choice? Sleep and its effect on recovery and performance. He is the Director of Programming and Head Coach at SouthWind CrossFit. He is also working on his Doctorate in Health and Human Performance and teaching a few courses at Fort Hays.

Melissa Wasinger

CF-L2 | Co-Owner/Director of Operations/Coach |
Coach Mel is a former Division 1 Volleyball Player with coaching experience in both the athletic world of volleyball and elite fitness. She is the Director of Operations and Assistant Programming Director at SouthWind CrossFit.

Becky Fox

CF-L1 | Coach | Marketing | Member Outreach |
Coach Becky brings a fresh perspective on holistic health and wellness to our staff and when you hear "superhuman" you might think of her. She has her Master's Degree in School Counseling and works at a school in Hays. Becky has been doing CrossFit for several years and although many consider her the gym sweetheart, she's one tough lady. She has her CF-L1 and is finishing her NASM Nutrition Certification. On top of being a school counselor, a coach, and helping people in the gym with healthy lifestyle choices, you'll likely find her name near the top of the leaderboard!

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More of our Coaches

Ed Ramos

CF-L1 | Coach
Ed is an active member of the U.S. Armed forces and his motto around the gym is “gooder than yesterday!” He earned his Level 1 during a deployment and is diligent about improving technique while pushing the limits of his own fitness. His fun loving attitude and quick wit, make him great at building strong relationships with his class. When he’s not coaching or working with the Army, Ed can be found walking/playing with his dogs (Kale and Broccori), working on his car, or lending a helping hand. As an experienced CrossFitter, Ed has a toolbox full of exercises, drills and different cues to help you improve!

Dylan Krause

CF-L1 | Coach
Coach Dylan has been doing CrossFit since 2014. After 6 years of experience, when he had a chance to get his L1 and become a coach he naturally jumped at the opportunity. When he’s not in the gym he works as a paramedic. In his free time he prefers to get outdoors and use his fitness while hunting and fishing.

Alex Braun

CF-L1 | Coach
Alex has been involved in the CrossFit community since 2017. When she is not coaching, she studies for her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, works as a nurse and keeps track of her 3 dogs and husband! As you can tell, she’s one busy lady but makes time to workout and coach! Alex’s warm smile, understanding heart and focus on the longevity of your fitness makes her a great addition to our coaching staff!

Bjorg Hermannsdottir

CF-L1 | Coach
Bjorg (a.k.a. “B”) hails from the beautiful country of Iceland and is proof that vikings do actually possess superhuman strength. While she can usually be found laughing, coaching, lifting heavy barbells, and attacking weaknesses; she also works remotely for an Iceland based business. She also enjoys supporting her husband who plays on the FHSU Men’s Basketball team!

Corey Hale

Corey recently wrapped up his first two years of college at Barton County Community College and will be starting his journey to become an Athletic Trainer through FHSU. Corey also enjoys being a referee for young athletes! His eye for weaknesses and how to address them, brings a more valuable experience to his class participants!