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Do you have a specific goal you are trying to achieve but are not quite sure where to begin? Maybe it is increasing your squat strength so you can squat more weight. Maybe it is helping you gain mobility/range of motion to decrease pain and increase your confidence. How about getting that first pull up? Improving your running capacity? Whatever the goal is, our coaches are here to help! If you’re looking for some extra work to address those deficiencies and get better, we will come up with a course of action for you to take that will help get you to those goals. 

With a Custom Program, you will receive…

  • A consultation with a coach to listen and help talk through your goals, discuss time you can dedicate to your goals, previous injuries, etc. to help get a better understanding of where you are at.
  • A workout program written for your needs based on the consultation .
  • Guidance on movement adjustments, corrections or questions throughout the course of your program. 

Custom Programming is customized to fit YOU!

SouthWind CrossFit

No Gimmicks. Just Results.

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