One. Tough. Community.

Hays’ Original CrossFit Facility

SouthWind CrossFit is where Hays finally stops dreading the gym! As our hometown’s original CrossFit gym, it’s our honor to bring the power of CrossFit to our neighbors and friends. If you’ve ever used a lame excuse to skip a workout, CrossFit’s fun, functional workouts are exactly what you need to keep you coming back for more.

How is SouthWind CrossFit going to change your workout routine and get you excited to start moving again? Let’s run through some questions first. Is running on a treadmill fun? No. Is doing bench presses by yourself surrounded by a bunch of strangers who are ignoring you fun? Also no. Is working out with a group of cheering friends, doing "exercises" that feel a lot like playing on a playground fun? YES. And that, is the difference between a regular gym and what we do.

Come see us! We can’t wait to make you part of our One. Tough. Community.

'Don't wish it was easier wish you were better.'

Jim Rohn

3...2...1... GO!

Our Facility

SouthWind CrossFit’s 5,000-square-foot facility in Hays is so very different from the globo-gyms you’ve probably already tried. With CrossFit, fitness isn’t fancy. When your workouts are this fun and the results are undeniable, you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment. You won't find a bank of treadmills, confusing machines, mirrors, or TV's. Our box has that awesome "garage gym" feel that gets you pumped to work out! Inside, you’ll find equipment that you’d never find at a boring regular gym, like climbing ropes, plyo boxes, barbells, medicine balls, and a whole lot more. No idea what any of that is? Don’t worry. We would love to teach you.

  • After a week of finally giving CrossFit a shot, our only regret is not trying it sooner! We even were able to get a workout in together and bring our baby boy! He has a bit of separation anxiety, so it was so nice to take him along! I am so excited to be part of such a wonderful place!

    Kimberly Stoecklein

  • I gave CrossFit a try for the first time last night, and to say I was nervous is definitely an understatement! I'm not in great shape and was afraid of feeling silly. The coaches were very welcoming, so helpful and never made me feel dumb for not having a clue! I will definitely be going back!

    Andrea Schmidtberger

  • No words give enough justice to how amazing, supportive, and motivational the coaches are! I'm very (extremely) new to the CrossFit world, but they never make me feel out of place and always step in very quickly to show me what's going on when I have a blank stare on my face!

    Valerie Anita